Boys & Girls Clubs of America Website Redesign

Brand and fundraising synergized with a focus on the user.

Case Study

ForwardPMX and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America set out to create a site that was a true reflection of everything the organization stands for, recognizing that the user experience and content needed to serve a multitude of purposes for many different audiences.

Goals & Objectives

Educate audiences on the mission of BGCA, while amplifying its 3 Pillars of Academic Success, Healthy Lifestyle and Good Citizenship.

Increase overall site engagement and donations.

Connect the brand’s story to all of BGCA’s audiences – parents, teens, educators, alumni and supporters –and empower them through personalized content and site experiences.

Program Execution

Understanding the different needs of each visitor, BGCA introduced a “self-selecter” on the homepage to guide audiences through the site. Using a contemporary CMS allowed for a scalable solution, where BGCA could mix and match creative materials on different pages without disrupting the navigation of the site for each user. More importantly, the team conducted user tests throughout the entire build process, to garner feedback from real people on whether the site fulfilled its mission.

In addition to the self-select function, BGCA considered the “Find a Club” landing page to be of critical importance, particularly being that parents and teens were two primary audience segments that the organization wanted to speak more directly with. While donors are essential to the success of BGCA, showing support for, and educating parents and their children on the multitude of offerings BGCA provided was equally, if not more important than the fundraising objective throughout the site build.


Over the first 3 months of post-launch, the new website saw:


Increase in Site Traffic


Decrease in Bounce Rate


Increase in “Donate Now” Conversion Rates


Uses of the Parent Self-Select Navigation

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