American Heart Association’s #GivingTuesday 2016

MarCom Gold Award Winner – #MyReasonThisSeason

Case Study

American Heart Association had seen success in their evolving Giving Tuesday approach. But going into the planning for their 2016 campaign, the team knew there was potential for elevating the story through a more holistic, cross-channel strategy, combined with an increased emphasis on building out AHA’s ‘social media playbook’ to ramp up their social outreach tactics.

Goals & Objectives

Achieve new levels of donor engagement on social through a cohesive paid and organic strategy, and social media “playbook” approach

Deepen the impact of creative and copy combinations when targeting across different generations of AHA donors

Reinvigorate relationships with donors in the cold file, while expanding to reach new audiences through a comprehensive, multichannel campaign strategy

Program Execution

American Heart Association’s Giving Tuesday efforts were tied to a larger storytelling campaign that encouraged users to share their reason for supporting heart health, using the hashtag #MyReasonThisSeason. The key to the success of the campaign was AHA’s methodical planning and hyper-targeted strategy in the months leading up to Giving Tuesday. The team spent significantly more time ramping up engagement tactics, by developing a social media outreach playbook that not only guided American Heart’s overall strategy, but also empowered local affiliates to amplify the AHA Giving Tuesday message.

The creative inventory for AHA’s paid Facebook campaign was uniquely designed to cater to different generational interests, while also striking a balance of content that would generate broad appeal. Offer and positioning were key drivers of donor conversion throughout the campaign, and resulted in dramatic increases in Giving Tuesday revenue. The team was able to gain valuable insight around demographic positioning, in particular – recognizing the synergy of Millennials and aspirational messaging, Gen X with young family and relationship-focused messaging, and Boomers with multi-generational connection.



Increase in Online Donations Over Previous Giving Tuesday


Of Total Revenue in November from Brand New Donors


Revenue Generated in Month of December


New Donors Gained in December

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