Dun and Bradstreet: Boosting Performance During Business Model Change with Omni-Channel Paid Media

Dun and Bradstreet is a leading provider of national business credit solutions that arms clients with data and insights to support critical decisioning.

The Challenge

To increase traffic and provide a growing, qualified lead source for their premium subscription products, Dun & Bradstreet performed a major overhaul to their business model by adding a free product to their paid service framework. The brand partnered with ForwardPMX to develop an omni- channel media strategy to increase the number of signups for their freemium product and reduce their cost per acquisition (CPA).

The Change

ForwardPMX’s account team took the following steps to increase leads and reduce CPA:

Paid Search

• Restructured keyword structure based on high/low intent, according to their buyer’s journey.
• Optimized ads and extensions to highlight new product offering, leveraging brand and non-brand queries.
• Built out new ad groups around “free” and “trial” keywords to drive additional qualified traffic and leads.
• Aligned display and social messaging with search ads to create a consistent user experience.
• Drove SEM traffic to new free trial product signup page to improve conversion rate.


• Leveraged banner and text ads to retarget previous visitors of the homepage and freemium product page who did not convert.
• Integrated email lists from free sign ups and form abandoners into customer match campaigns across search and social platforms to upsell to free or from free to premium subscribers.

Gmail Special Promotions

• Launched a Gmail promotional campaign with form extension to increase brand awareness and increase free product signups.


• Created a mobile-friendly registration form for freemium product offering.
• Launched social lead ads, mobile display, and app-targeted display ads to drive qualified ‘free trial’ traffic to the new site and increase lead volume.

The Growth

As a result of this new omni-channel approach to paid media, the team was able to make the freemium product campaign a success for the client.


in Conversions


Increase in Conversion Rate


Decreaese in the Average Cost Per-Acquisition (CPA)

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