Schumacher Homes: How Improvements in Paid Media & A Customized Site Experience Can Yield A Lower Cost-Per-Acquisition

Schumacher Homes  is the largest, and one of the most decorated, custom homebuilders in the country.

The Challenge

Schumacher Homes was experiencing a higher than desired cost per acquisition (CPA), along with other lagging key performance metrics. All paid search was channeled through one general lower funnel landing page regardless of their stage in the consumer journey. Information about the business and services was not readily available on the landing page, leaving visitors to waste time looking for the right services to complete their goal.

The Change

ForwardPMX’s account team took the following steps:

1. Non-brand traffic accounted for 67% of the paid search traffic mix so the major upper funnel themes were isolated within the account.

2. Diving deeper, the top non-brand campaign theme accounted for 40% of all non-brand traffic and was isolated into a customized structure.

3. A templated paid search landing page was created to capture leads, allowing for utilization of other keywords and campaigns. In addition, the template model became a scalable solution for specific top and mid funnel visitors.

4. Relevant campaign and client information was organized and segmented on the site, so visitors could digest all relevant brand content in one place.

5. Rapid iteration deployment of the original landing page build out created an opportunity to provide a large impact quickly. 

The Growth

Creating an informative, customized brand experience for non-brand terms at different stages of the journey achieved an increase in conversions for a lower cost-per-acquisition within two weeks post launch.


in Conversions


Increase in Conversion Rate


Decreaese in the Average Cost Per-Acquisition (CPA)

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