Sierra Club: Uncover, Understand & Grow Supporters

Developing audience profiles & strategies in changing times.

Case Study

Sierra Club is an incredibly unique organization in the environmental conservation space, in the sense that they view environmental and social justice as intimately intertwined. While the organization placed tremendous dedication in realigning their equity, inclusion and justice values, and repositioning their voice and efforts to reflect that message, the work became even more essential after the 2016 Presidential Election. The election sparked an undeniable shift in Sierra Club’s audience, due in large part to heightened awareness and concern around environmental causes.  ForwardPMX partnered with Sierra Club to develop audience Personas and a strategy campaign to acquire and activate this new audience.

Goals & Objectives

Develop a deeper understanding of this new audience.

Fuel increased real-time action, membership acquisition, fundraising efforts.

Amplify these new, engaged audience voices for maximum impact.

Program Execution

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