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Moving Beyond the Digital Duopoly – How to Drive Digital Success in Asia

Friday 12th July 2019
9am – 11am
30 St Mary Axe, London EC3A 8EP (map)
Private roundtable event –
Limited places available

Google and Facebook don’t dominate everywhere, this session will provide insights and recommendations on how to amplify your brand, reach your audience and drive success across China, Korea and Japan. The session will be structured with an overview of  platform dominance across the globe, then lean into specific markets outlining why brands should consider that geo.

Under China the discussion will cover the headline media products on Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent, followed by Naver and Daum in Korea, then Yahoo and Line for Japan.

Refreshments provided. 



Yanyan Froud

Yanyan Froud

Associate Director of APAC & Russia, ForwardPMX

Yanyan Froud joined ForwardPMX in beginning of 2010 and has more than 10 years international marketing experience. She started helping clients establish and increase their presence in the far-east by specialising in digital marketing for the APAC region 7 years ago. Her focus is on major markets such as: China, Japan, Korea etc. She is now responsible for all facets of the performance, operation and business development, as well as working with brands such as Expedia, Hilton, Nike, Chanel etc to develop their APAC businesses.

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