The Future of In-Housing and How to Take Control of Your Data

Thursday 21st November 2019
9am – 11am
30 St Mary Axe, London EC3A 8BF (map)
Private roundtable event –
Limited places available

Today’s digital industry presents a series of challenges. From the complex and volatile martech landscape, to the rise of the big Ad Tech companies ‘walled gardens’, any brand considering in-housing should see this as more than just a need to provide transparency. It’s about data, it is about business intelligence, automation, efficient spend and clear measurement. In this session, we will provide you with a blueprint on how the implementation of the right tools, the right way can help your brand take control of data and measurement frameworks to overcome industry challenges and shape the future of your organisation.

Refreshment provided.



Fabio Barboza

Fabio Barboza

Head of Martech, ForwardPMX

Fabio has spent the last 10 years supporting Ad Tech companies and top tier brands with custom Ad Tech solutions. He thrives on the complexity of the current industry challenges, where his expertise span a variety of different sectors from travel and hospitality to fashion and retail.

Joel Coppersmith

Joel Coppersmith

Senior Business Director - Data Science & Advanced Analytics, ForwardPMX

Joel is an experienced marketer with a particular interest in marketing effectiveness. He’s spent time leading the search and affiliate functions of a full-service digital agency and running multi-channel agency teams for a range of blue chip clients including Western Union, Hertz, Apple and FedEx as well as various luxe fashion brands. He’s also worked client-side heading up the marketing functions at a leading British online print company and at an early-stage tech start-up.

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