Speaking Event

ANA Chicago Nonprofit Conference

August 26-28, 2019
Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel
1 West Wacker Drive (map)
Chicago, IL, 60601


Join hundreds of fundraising and marketing professionals at The ANA Chicago Nonprofit Conference, a three-day event where you can exchange innovative marketing and fundraising ideas. Get inspired to think creatively and  make the relationship with your donors even stronger.

Marketing’s evolution is getting more accelerated and you need to keep up. At this conference, you’ll hear case studies from your colleagues that will offer you a more realistic view of the issues, challenges, and successes that you face every day.

Join the conversation at #ANACHINP.

See the full agenda here. 

ForwardPMX Sessions:


Track: Digital

Tuesday, August 27th: 2:00PM

Social media is a powerful forum for connecting people to your cause. From generating awareness of your brand, to driving acquisition, activating supporters and generating donations, having a cohesive social media strategy is a quintessential step to fundraising and marketing success in the digital age. But today, having a “social media strategy” isn’t just one thing. It’s not “direct response OR organic”, and it’s not just having a donate button available on your Facebook page. A true social strategy sees the value of social media for every aspect of your nonprofit.

In this session, we’re talking about what it means to be “all in” on social, as it relates to your organic storytelling strategy, to your paid amplification, to making sure all the tools are there for your constituents to support, donate, share and engage meaningfully with you.


Track: Program Analytics

Wednesday, August 28th: 1:30-2:30PM

It’s 2019. Are you still having the big, scary, philosophical debates about channel integration? If the answer is, “yes”, here’s some other questions for you. Did you ever stop to think about what makes these conversations so big and scary, and why? And are they resulting in any meaningful new plans, strategies, or results?

We have some advice: Stop thinking about channel integration and start thinking about the easy wins that can come from getting direct mail and digital working together. In this session, we’re going to be talking about the clear proof points your teams need to make investment changes, look at your file differently and get online and offline channels working together to achieve shared goals. (No complex integration lingo here!) Before you get to your next steps towards innovating your program, have these conversations about the bread and butter integration pieces you might be missing!

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