Speaking Event

Bridge to Integrated Fundraising & Marketing Conference

July 10-12, 2019
Gaylord National Hotel & Conference Center
201 Waterfront St (map)
National Harbor, MD



A record breaking 2,500+ fundraising and marketing professionals from around the world will gather for this premier conference! Join us, as the brightest, most creative and most world-changing fundraising and marketing professionals from every sector of our industry will gather for three enlightening days of dynamic keynotes, panels, workshops, networking and more.

Learn about the latest strategies, techniques and most current innovations in all areas of fundraising and marketing related to: direct response, individual giving (major and planned giving), corporate giving and special events and much, much more.

The Bridge Conference has all the IDEAS you need to push your IDEALS to the limits!

ForwardPMX Sessions

New Age P2P: Deepening the Connection with  Third-Party Donors

Facebook’s fundraising tools have revolutionized the P2P game. In this session, you’ll unlock the keys to an entirely new network of potential donors and revenue. You’ll discover how Facebook tools can help you tap into a passionate, larger and more engaged audience – from Facebook’s “donate now” button to Facebook Gifts, and more recently, personal campaigns that supporters can run for their birthdays. Plus, you’ll see how to cultivate these passionate audiences to become recurring donors with tips on how you can message donors who give, not because of the cause itself, but because of the person making the ask. 

Together, we’re going to dig into the tactics for creating relationships with these initially third-party donors who may not necessarily connect with your nonprofit mission for their first gift but will for future gifts once you apply what you’ve learned.

Thursday, July 11th at 4:00 PM – Breakout 4

The Five Year Outlook: What is Direct Mail’s Role in the Media Mix?

How many times have you heard these statements? “Direct mail is dying?” “Direct mail renewal is down and getting lower, why continue?” Yet, as a fundraiser, you know that while digital’s now roughly 20% share is growing faster by the year, direct mail still drives about 80% of revenue for many nonprofits. So where does that leave direct mail in the next five years? How can you rethink the role direct mail plays in your organization, outside of just direct response acquisition and renewal? And what about non-mature mailers? How do you budget for DM over the next few years, particularly when it’s not your strongest direct response vehicle?

Join us for this time-traveling session, where we’re flashing you forward five years into the future to see where direct mail exists in the media mix, and how smart nonprofits are using it to engage donors and donor prospects.

Friday, July 12th at 2:00 PM – Breakout 7


Tiffany Quast

Tiffany Quast

Vice President, Client Services & Agency Operations

Tiffany joined the company in 2003 and is our primary direct mail strategist. She provides the expertise to help clients understand how a marketing approach can be instrumental to improving performance through media, analytics, modeling and cooperative databases. Tiffany’s passion for performance enhancements through analytics has been shared through several speaking engagements.


Bethany Maki

Bethany Maki

Vice President, Nonprofit Business Solutions

As Vice President of Business Solutions, Bethany works with our clients to identify how brand awareness and understanding drive constituent activation.  Her primary role on your team is to answer, “What is helping or hurting the relationship your audience has with your brand, and what do those audiences need to bring maximum value to you?”, with a focus on then evolving the solution mix based on performance results as your program grows.




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