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Looking Past 2020: How to Win in a Digital-First Retail Environment

Thursday, December 3, 2020
1:00PM GMT
Online Event
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In the current digital-led retail environment, brands and retailers alike are competing to drive revenue at profitable margins, while snatching up more customers that have shifted predominantly to shopping online.

As the market grows increasingly saturated into 2021, the sector must now shift the focus to what’s next. For brands, this means working to make the most of your digital assets, while also adopting a truly customer-centric mindset that leads to more customers coming back to your brand over others.

In our upcoming webinar, we’ll discuss some key strategies that highlight what it takes to not only thrive, but lead in the digital-first retail landscape. We’ll also dive into some ‘aspirational end states’ for brands looking to drive new opportunities and more sophistication in their marketing in 2021 and beyond.

Some Key Topics Include:

1. Bridging Offline to Online: to be successful in in a digital-led world, this means more than tying your data points together to drive more connected marketing strategies and views of your customer. How are you thinking about the on-site experience differently based on the lack of store experiences? How are you thinking about, and expanding customers’ perception of your brand in digital, which may be different than their offline experience?

2. Becoming a Customer-Centric Brand: what does it take to act as a customer-centric brand? Are you set up to understand customers’ functional and emotional needs, and deliver upon them?

3. Future State – Maximising the Value of Your Digital Assets: how can you take advantage of new opportunities, like monetising your own e-commerce site, to diversify your data sources and drive additional revenue?

We look forward to hosting you!


Darren Fullerton

Darren Fullerton

Head of SEO, Content and Affiliates, ForwardPMX

Darren joined ForwardPMX as Head of Organic Performance in mid 2014, bringing with him a clear approach to SEO focusing on a balanced combination of data, technology and content campaigns to achieve success in this channel. Over the past 12 years, Darren has built comprehensive knowledge within the SEO, Social and Data fields and has gained impressive industry experience during this time.

Neil Morse

Neil Morse

Head of Service Integration, ForwardPMX

Neil has worked at ForwardPMX for 7 years, predominantly within paid search activation and strategy roles with a focus on delivering best in class solutions across multiple client verticals, platforms and markets. In his position as Head of Service Integration, he is responsible for driving product innovation and efficiency across our EMEA delivery teams.

Emma O'Sullivan

Emma O'Sullivan

Business Director, ForwardPMX

As a Business Director at ForwardPMX, Emma supports clients to drive change within their business as they move towards customer centricity and in-housing. Her ten+ years in media hold experience across comms planning and strategy, establishing and leading a PPC department, through to client leadership and business operations. She now helps brands redefine their digital marketing operations to deliver enhanced customer experiences through 1P data. Emma believes we are entering an age where success comes to those Brands willing and brave enough to put their people and customers first. She takes great joy in engineering new ways to solve old problems while guiding her clients on this journey.

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