Conversion Rate Optimization: Building a Winning Strategy Through User Experience

Thursday June 18th, 2020
11 AM ET | 4 PM BST
Online Webinar
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The digital experience matters more than ever. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a seismic shift in consumer behavior, with more audiences across all generations coming online like never before. For some businesses, online is the only storefront that matters for the foreseeable future, creating heightened urgency and further emphasis on the transformation happening in the commerce landscape from physical to digital.

Relevant ad experiences that draw consumers in can help win the rebound and put businesses on the path to resurgence beyond the immediate covid-19 pandemic. But to retain loyal customers and achieve sustained growth, brands must focus on winning the customer experience across all conversion funnels.

Join global brand performance agency, ForwardPMX, and digital-first creative agency, Code and Theory, as we dig into the ways brands can maximize their returns by having UX and CRO working together across the consumer journey. We’ll help to answer questions and cover themes including:

  • Quick-win opportunities aimed to maximize your media spend and improve conversions
  • The increasingly important role that content and owned platforms play in driving revenue
  • How content and media interact in various conversion funnels
  • How to begin measuring success by connecting media, e-commerce and content performance and analytics


    Nicholas Bown

    Nicholas Bown

    Martech Product Lead, ForwardPMX

    Joel Coppersmith

    Joel Coppersmith

    Senior Business Director, Data Science & Advanced Analytics, ForwardPMX

    Michael Treff

    Michael Treff

    President, Code and Theory

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