Leading Through Adversity And Managing Complex Change: COVID-19

Wednesday March 25th, 2020
9am PST |  12pm EST | 4pm GMT   
Online Webinar
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Marketers often live through periods of extreme turbulence, and the COVID-19 virus brings its own set of unique challenges.

From consumer behavioral shifts, to external factors like nation-wide travel restrictions, to logistics and supply chain disruption, businesses are being tasked with addressing these challenges in near real time.

Now more than ever, it’s imperative have a clear strategy that allows for flexibility in brand planning whilst also protecting revenue. This calls for dynamic practices and a humanistic view on data. 

During the webinar, we’ll cover topics including: 

  • How to navigate your marketing and lead through adversity.
  • The market responses thus far to the global health crisis.
  • The factors that influence marketers’ decision-making.
  • Strategic and tactical opportunities that present themselves to marketers during this challenging time.
  • Q&A


    Louis  Wedgburg

    Louis Wedgburg

    Head of Strategy, ForwardPMX

    As Head of Strategy, Louis Wedgbury is a digital transformation specialist who has collaborated with some of the world’s most prestigious and iconic brands to evolve their end-to-end marketing practices to deliver brand and performance success. Acting as a true advocate, and leveraging data and technology, Louis works with brands to solve the big problems facing marketers today. With a holistic understanding of the changes that impact a brand’s business, Louis and the team help engineer solutions that position them best with customers and ahead of their competition.  

    Joel Coppersmith

    Joel Coppersmith

    Senior Business Director - Data Science & Advanced Analytics, ForwardPMX

    Joel is an experienced marketer with a particular interest in marketing effectiveness. He’s spent time leading the search and affiliate functions of a full-service digital agency and running multi-channel agency teams for a range of blue chip clients including Western Union, Hertz, Apple and FedEx as well as various luxe fashion brands. He’s also worked client-side heading up the marketing functions at a leading British online print company and at an early-stage tech start-up.

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