Emerging in Retail: Changing the Course to Prepare for Continued Uncertainty

Wednesday, July 15th 2020
Online Event
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Saying that 2020 thus far has been a year of unprecedented change is undoubtedly the understatement of the year – at the same time, it’s one of the most overused phrases.

But unprecedented change is our current reality, and our “new normal” isn’t yet fully defined. Even as markets start to reopen, brands, and specifically retailers, must react to future uncertainty through dynamic advertising strategies that can change quickly based on market conditions. We need to rethink digital transformation, the customer experience, and creativity from all angles in order to be successful.

As an industry in transformation, we want to provide brands with insights on how to emerge, change and succeed under these new circumstances.

ForwardPMX and Google invite you to attend a hosted panel session to fuel discussion around: 

  • The shape of the rebound – how it’s still evolving, and what we’ve seen and learned thus far
  • The strategies and tactics marketers must be prepared to implement
  • The opportunities to maximize profits on Google through automation, and a focus on the right KPIs, the right data, and the right creative to create a world-class customer experience
  • The expectations of the new brand performance experience


Nicole Jennings

Nicole Jennings

EVP, Client and Media Operations, ForwardPMX

As EVP of Client and Media Operations, Nicole is responsible for the strategic positioning of the agency’s offering with clients, prospects and media and industry partners. Nicole acts as a senior advisor for clients and staff across all client verticals and media channels. She also leads the agency’s media platform relationships, including Facebook and Google, and ensures that ForwardPMX, its clients and talent stay ahead of the curve through innovative media and growth strategies. Nicole has nearly two decades of experience in retail and e-commerce, and today, helps several world-renowned brands succeed in the modern brand performance ecosystem.
Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson

VP, Paid Media, ForwardPMX

Amy is a global Paid Search lead and subject matter expert at ForwardPMX, where she oversees a team of paid media practitioners and strategists in North America. Amy works closely with our top agency platform partners, including Google, to provide the latest insights into paid media products for clients and prospects through thought leadership, and to ensure FP employees are up to date on the latest offerings and strategies for clients through training and development.

Nicolas Darveau-Garneau

Nicolas Darveau-Garneau

Chief Evangelist, Google

Nicolas Darveau-Garneau (“Nick”) is Google’s Chief Evangelist. He leads Google’s team of 6 full-time and 55 part-time Evangelists from all over the world. He works with Google’s most sophisticated advertisers to help them improve the profitability of their Google marketing investment. Previously, Nick ran Google’s search specialist team in the Americas and Canada’s performance sales teams. Nick also launched and managed Google’s Montréal office. Nick is a guest lecturer at Kellogg’s Northwestern School of business and is on the board of directors of two public companies, the Toronto Stock Exchange and Industrial Alliance Group.

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