Managing Complex Change: Adapting Your Marketing Strategy for the Future Data Ecosystem

Thursday, August 6, 2020
Online Event
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Join our upcoming moderated panel discussion on Thursday Aug. 6, which will be a lively debate around the future utilizations of customer data in the marketing ecosystem

The connected commerce landscape requires marketers to use data effectively to target and interact with their audiences. But as consumers continue to shift digitally, the way marketers utilize this data will also evolve, creating new challenges and opportunities to understand customers, improve their experiences and ultimately drive sales.

The impending and slow ‘death of the cookie’ has sparked countless industry-wide debates about the future of data in the marketing ecosystem. More recently, other announcements such as Apple’s update to IDFA, have made the conversation relevant in the media again.

This conversation is not new, however, as privacy regulations around the globe and consumers’ calls for transparency act as constant reminders that a sustainable model for data-driven marketing is needed. COVID-19 has only accelerated this, as more people look to the digital world to engage in many more aspects of their lives – the expectation is for a true value exchange between brands and consumers, where there is a transparent, trusting relationship and more relevant customer experiences.

As an industry in transformation, what will future data strategies look like?

FP Consultancy invites you to attend a hosted panel session to fuel discussion around questions like:

  • How do changes to the data ecosystem increase our reliance on first-party data? What role do second and third-party data play in the future?
  • Who in the ad ecosystem stands to benefit from the death of the cookie? Who will need to adapt significantly in order to survive?
  • Why has COVID-19 caused greater urgency to get future data management strategies in place?
  • What does building a brand entail in a future without third party data?
  • What should brands consider doing or changing today to ensure they’re well positioned to leverage first party data strategies, with consent as a key focus?

This panel will bring diverse perspectives from ForwardPMX and insight from other industry insiders. We look forward to hosting you!


Tim Lippa

Tim Lippa

SVP of Strategy, ForwardPMX

As SVP of Strategy, Tim leads the Strategy Department at ForwardPMX partnering with internal teams and clients to deliver a Customer-First Approach to market. Tim ensures that the customer is at the heart of every decision from business strategy and market insights, to data/audience evaluation and media strategy and execution. With over 20 years of experience in Digital, Direct Response, Product, Brand, International and Strategic Marketing, Tim has worked in virtually every industry, including: Retail, Direct-To-Consumer, CPG, Lead Generation, Education, OEM, Insurance, Technology and Business-to-Business. Prior to joining ForwardPMX, Tim worked on the client side at companies including Eastman Kodak, Lenovo, Office Depot, Kaplan University, Biomet and DentalPlans.com.

Lesley Duncan

Lesley Duncan

Associate Director, Strategy, ForwardPMX

Lesley has been working in digital for nearly 8 years, specialising in multi-channel media strategy, she co-leads our EMEA Planning and Strategy function within client leadership. She has worked across a wide variety of clients including house hold names such as Tesco, Ralph Lauren and Virgin Atlantic in lots of diverse industries from retail, finance, B2B, luxury and travel. Lesley’s passion is data-driven planning, her focus is on adopting insightful full-funnel activation, whilst personalising creatives tailored to our clients consumers. Her attention recently has been focused on our clients data maturity and digital transformation.

Rob Reger

Rob Reger

Chief Revenue Officer, Wiland

Rob brings over 30 years of direct marketing experience to Wiland in his role as Chief Revenue Officer. Having specialized in leading account management and business development teams, Rob has extensive experience serving clients across industries, working with them to leverage data to increase their marketing precision and performance. Rob has held leadership positions at Epsilon, Datamark, Inc., Amrion, Inc., American Family Publishers, Rodale Publishing, and Prentice-Hall/Simon and Schuster. Rob has been part of the ANA Ethics Operating Committee since 2009, serving as Chair in 2015 and 2016. Rob is also an ANA Echo Award Judge and has served on the Board of Trustees for ANA’s Marketing Edge Organization.

Fabio Barboza

Fabio Barboza

Head of Martech, ForwardPMX

Fabio Barboza is a digital advertising generalist and technology expert, with a proven track record of supporting global brands to understand and overcome the challenges and complexity of an ever-changing industry. Over half of his 20-year career in technology has been in the digital marketing sector. He works closely with ad tech companies and brands, architecting systems to power their products, marketing strategies and omnichannel journey orchestration. Fabio thrives on breaking through complexity to help drives industry change; promoting ad transparency, supporting brand’s in-housing and developing solutions using first-party data to enable personalised customer experiences. Working at ForwardPMX, Fabio built a successful Martech consultancy practice, advising brands such as Nike, Ralph Lauren, Virgin Holidays and De Beers on data strategy, in-housing their tech stack and building identity management and automation systems. Most recently, he consulted for Kia; designing and implementing their global audience strategy, ASOS; shaping the strategy to develop their retail media proposition, and LG Electronics; enabling their media analytics powerhouse. 

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