The 10 Most-Effective Website Audit Extensions for Google Chrome

September 6, 2019

Performing an SEO audit on a website can be extremely stressful, if not impossible, without the right tools and approach.

Paid tools like Screaming Frog, Ahrefs or DeepCrawl are extremely helpful, but for those without a large tool and/or tech budget, discovering valuable audit elements like traffic, number of links and mobile friendliness is dependent on combining information from a variety of free or inexpensive sources.

Here are 10 effective Google Chrome extensions to leverage during your next website audit:

1. MozBar

SEO wizards can’t survive without it. This tool is particularly useful for checking domain authority and page authority for any web page.

2. Google SERP Extractor

A hidden gem. When you need a straightforward way to extract a list of URLs from a Google web search for a search query, this is it.

3. Tag Assistant

This tool looks for the correct installation of Google tags (e.g. Google Analytics, Tag Manager) on any website. It also records typical user flows on your website to diagnose and fix implementation errors.


This extension will inform you where the web page you’re visiting ranks in Google for any keyword/phrase.

5. Open SEO Stats

A favorite for four years, this extension displays a number of SEO stats for a page or website including geolocation, the location of a site’s robots.txt file and its sitemap. It also offers information on a page’s metadata.

6. Ayima Page Insights

This extension displays technical on‐page issues for any personal web property connected to Google Search Console.

7. AMP Validator

This tool inspects whether a page is an AMP (Accelerated Mobile Page), then runs it through an AMP validator to see if it passes or fails Google’s requirements.

8. Portent’s SEO Page Review

 This extension reviews a user’s current page and lays out data like meta tags, canonical tags, outbound links, H1‐H6 tags, OpenGraph tags and much more.

9. The Tech SEO – Quick Click Website Audit

This underrated extension reduces the need for mundane copy/pasting and gives preformatted links (for a user’s current URL) to many popular SEO tools for detailed insights.

10. Lighthouse

A popular extension released a few years ago that tracks site load speed, one of the most important ranking factors. This tool displays a site’s loading speed progression frame by frame while also providing detailed instructions on how to reduce it.

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