Day Here – EMEA Social Summit

August 19, 2019

Earlier this month we left our desks for the afternoon to come together and raise money for our fundraising partners of four years Year Here, whose mission is grounded in developing solutions to entrenched social problems. They are an immersive social innovation programme based in London, and we are proud to be working with them to support in the growth of a steady stream of social ventures tackling inequality in London.

As part of our EMEA Summer Summit, at the gorgeous Neverland in Fulham, the Year Here team were our guests and provided us with a dynamic crash course in social innovation, grounded in a social action challenge. Staff had the chance to unlock their creativity and boldly try their hand at building their own social venture ideas, gaining an inside look at how Year Here prepare their Fellows to launch their very own social ventures.

Day Here gave us an amazing opportunity to get together as a community to tackle real issues that impact so many in the society we live. After hearing the inspirational ventures started by the Fellows, our teams were split into groups to build social ventures to tackle social problems. This gave teams the ability to collaborate, innovate and share ideas. I for one experienced the passion and togetherness the day created and we are already planning our next adventure with Year Here.

Tim Gladston, Head of HR - ForwardPMX

Thank you ForwardPMX for such an energising afternoon of social innovation. We loved how openly you embraced some of our creative approaches – there were definitely some early stage social venture ideas born on that beach in Fulham. We’re so grateful for your continued support and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Kelly Bewers , Managing Director - Year Here

If you’d like to donate please visit our Golden Giving page

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