Why ForwardPMX Joined the Conscious Advertising Network

August 17, 2021

ForwardPMX is proud to announce that we are officially members of the Conscious Advertising Network (CAN). CAN is a coalition of over 70 organizations set up to ensure that industry ethics catch up with the technology of modern advertising. This includes Anti Ad-Fraud, Diversity, Informed Consent, Hate Speech, Children’s Well-being and Mis/Disinformation.

You can learn more about the network and its members here. 

CAN aims to stop advertising abuse by highlighting conscious choices that agencies and brands can make. It provides a framework for the advertising industry to work in line with best practice is 6 key areas – ad fraud, diversity, informed consent, hate speech, children’s well-being and fake news.

We asked our Senior Strategy Manager, Kelly Conlon, who has been extremely instrumental in developing the partnership, for her thoughts on CAN and why ForwardPMX has gotten involved. 

Why is it important to us?

ForwardPMX is an industry leader when it comes to social impact through all of the amazing work our philanthropic arm, TransformFP, carries out. However, it’s important to bring the spirit of those social impact efforts into the day to day work we deliver for our clients. CAN provides us with a framework to be more conscious and intentional in how we do business. 

Any organisation can become a member, so it’s not limited to just agencies. There’s some huge global brands that have signed up such as O2 and GSK. It is especially important for agencies like ours to become members because as advertisers we have a great deal of responsibility, and that’s not often recognised or talked about within the industry. As well as this, it’s also a great opportunity for us to work alongside other agencies to change our industry for the better. 

Can you tell us a little more about The Manifestos?

Of the six manifestos – Anti Ad-Fraud, Diversity, Informed Consent, Hate Speech, Children’s Well-being and Mis/Disinformation – hate speech and fake news are two of the most pressing issues the advertising industry faces. We’ve seen just how toxic both of those things can be on society and as advertisers it’s our responsibility to tackle this.

There are some great initiatives like the ‘Stop funding hate’ campaign that aims to make hate unprofitable by persuading advertisers to pull their support from publications that spread hate and division. So, there’s definitely a demand for more accountability and we are excited to see how we can achieve this with CAN.

You can read more about the work CAN do and the six manifestos here.

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