Global Movement Month: ForwardPMX Move for Change

November 13, 2020

Social Impact has been a part of ForwardPMX for 10 years now, and it’s been incorporated into the DNA of the company for over a decade, however it is at this crucial global moment within its lifetime that it means something now more than ever.  

Recently many of us have been thinking the same question: “how can I help?”. With this being posed to us across the company, there’s been a hunger to be a part of community and change. 

To feed this hunger, and celebrate the 10 years that TransformFP has been present in one variant or another within the company, we created our global ‘Movement Month’ challenge. For the month of September and part of October, we encouraged FP staff to run, walk, dance, hop, swim, cycle – just move however they could in order to raise money and awareness for organizations whose focus is societal change. The pandemic has impacted almost everyone, but charities and not for profits have suffered alongside those vulnerable and most at-risk communities they are there to help. We wanted to ensure that we pushed and did our bit to give these organizations not only support, but a bit of a life line 

It’s been a hard task. Firstly, this was our first ever global fundraiser, bringing every region together and facing the challenge as one agency, as well as the opportunity for people to raise money for causes within their regions. Secondly, we had to attempt to design something that was not only able to be done individually, but that was also in keeping with government guidelines that varied country by country, to ensure people were safe, abiding by law and within restrictions.  

This is why we settled on Movement Month, which enabled everyone to take part at their own will and within their own boundaries. It was important for us to try and keep the fundraising spirit alive whilst at the same time respecting what is a difficult time for people.  

Many partners and charities have fallen at the hands of the pandemic. Every fatality from this time is awful, however the tragedy with charities disbanding is the knock on effect it has within communities and those who are most vulnerable that seek and rely on the support they provide. With government funding slowly diminishing and restrictions tightening again, it looks like we are going to be in for a very long cold winter, which is why our support was needed now more than ever.  

The three organisations we raised money for were Year Here (EMEA), Feeding America (US) and SingTheatre (APAC/RU). Each of these organisations either supported those working on the frontline during this Pandemic, will be backing and creating social ventures that will be seeking solutions in an eventual post covid environment, or struggling from the repercussions of the pandemic and need to seek external support in order to survive. 

At TransformFP, we are continuously gobsmacked by the kindness and drive that people at ForwardPMX showcase when they work with us, and this challenge was no exception. The challenge was set as a ‘race to Tokyo’ in light of the cancelled 2020 Olympics, with the three regions attempting to cover an over 9,000km journey. APAC/RU started from our Moscow office, EMEA our Manchester office and North America from our Minneapolis office (starting from offices all beginning with an M was entirely intentional). We had people cycling across London at weekends, letting it out on the punch bag and boxing their way there, running, walking, climbing and even climbing the 3 peaks. We had people working in teams as well as individually, and sending us regular updates of their progress. The effort was amazing, and because of that we managed to cover almost 10,000km collectively as well as raising over £8,000 across the regions.     

We may not have quite made it Tokyo, but what we did achieve was even better. We not only came together as a global agency for something that goes beyond the everyday nature of work, we helped support changemakers and lifesavers in a time when it’s needed more than ever. It’s a huge feat not only for TransformFP for doing something of this scale, but for ForwardPMX as an agency for putting societal change and the forefront of their minds and actions for that time.  

We would like to thank everyone who participated, helped get this off the ground and supported us. Let’s keep the spirit of action and community alive, but maybe put your feet up for this month! 

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