How to Win in China: Baidu & ForwardPMX Event

March 28, 2018

This month Baidu and ForwardPMX hosted a joint event in London, announcing the newly launched exclusive partnership.

The event included the opening ceremony for the first and only Baidu Training & Certification Center in Europe run by ForwardPMX, as well as a seminar running through how to implement successful digital marketing campaigns in China. The seminar also covered key innovation and technology updates from Baidu, led by Baidu’s General Manager, Linda Lin, and Key Account Manager, Kevin Huang. In this Blog Post we run through an overview of the key takeaways from the session.

Facilitate Your Business in China

Over the first part of the seminar Baidu’s GM Linda Lin shared key insights on the Chinese economy recent changes:

6.8% GDP growth in 2017 (6.6% forecasted for 2018), upgrading consumption, tax reductions and online user growth to 772+ million – all of these make China one of the key players in digital and e-commerce.

Baidu is the leading search engine for China, with a user base of 97.5% of the market share and number one most viewed website in China. The worldwide mission “Make a complex world simpler through technology” clearly indicates a strong focus towards reaching and engaging with target audiences more effectively through innovation. This is particularly prominent in terms of Baidu’s leadership across AI (Artificial Intelligence) and its solutions to overcome language barriers for overseas users. Baidu’s future is looking to continue from strength to strength, with a recent 2Bil RMB R&D investment, covering National Robotics and Autonomous Driving lab & 4 AI labs work to ensure smooth and smart engagement with more than 1 billion users. 

How to Win in China

ForwardPMX’s Chief International Officer Hannes Ben talked us through the keys to succeed in Chinese search for any international brands looking to enter the market. This included real life examples of brand protection and how to maximize share of voice, utilization of Baidu’s ads variety for search campaigns optimization as well as strengthening brand awareness. All case studies emphasize the importance of using the right ad format within Baidu, in order to grow the brand’s traffic and revenue at a stable ROI. One of the most engaging case studies on Baidu Brand Zone demonstrate how this Baidu’s unique product can help to increase the traffic by more than 400%:

Your One-Stop Marketing Solution for Entering China

Baidu’s Key Account Manager, Kevin Huang finally ran through how Baidu can help to understand the Chinese market through Search insights (for exmaple, looking into key search categories within the travel industry in China  which is price comparison (26% inquiries in hotel sector and 36% across airlines)

Insights such as these, according to Baidu, are “expressions of people’s real behavior”, which they utilise in order to  create marketing solutions to engage smartly with the brands target audiences.

One of those solutions is Baidu’s unique media resource offering, which helps reach and engage Chinese consumers efficiently and includes specific Baidu products such as APP Splash Ads, Baidu Native Ads, Baidu Feeds and Shantou add formats. The performance of the latter is particularly impressive with a 25% CTR across multiple industries.

Another of Baidu’s solutions comes from connection via online and offline resources, resulting in a new product – screen matrix ads – which have full time coverage capacity across 127 thousand screens in China.    

Strong attention was paid to Baidu’s data integration capabilities (specifically in relation to the third party data plug-ins) and tech innovation, including Speech Recognition (with 95% site-level speech recognition accuracy by Baidu), Image Identification (with Baidu’s verification accuracy of 99.77%), Virtual Reality (combines Baidu App, Baidu Maps + Nuomi) and Human-Computer Interaction (involves Desktop robot by Baidu), illustrated with the case studies from Samsung, L’Oreal and Chevrolet.

For more information on our Baidu training please click here.

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