Life as a Trainee PPC Analyst at ForwardPMX

February 6, 2020

One of the newest members of our ForwardPMX Manchester office, Owen Smith, shares his experience as Trainee PPC Analyst – read on to find out exactly what he’s learned so far!

What have been your highlights at the Manchester office so far? 

The team I work with. We have a smaller group here in Manchester and we are all very close. I also love working on my client, Converse, which is a multinational client and one of the biggest brands in the world. I really enjoyed being invited to attend the Manchester University Careers event, as I thought I could share my experience with other soon-to-be graduates looking to get their foot in the door in digital marketing – it also helps that we get to work on some of the best global brands!

What has been your working experience from joining as a trainee analyst? 

For the first month before I started working on Converse, I followed a structured training plan, and had specific areas to complete that month. I was given the opportunity to complete the Google Ads Academy, which was really helpful for my learning overall. I’ve also really enjoyed the Datasets training since I joined. One of the things I’ve really enjoy here is bouncing off other team members’ skill sets, for example my team are great with datasets and it helps to have the support to put my learning into practice. I would say I have learned a lot through training but also just as much on the day job. There was a very busy peak period when I joined on Converse as it was “Singles Day” on the 11th November – which focuses people buying something for themselves. Within 10 days we needed to plan this and run the day, and get the account organised ahead of time. After this was another huge period with it being “Black Friday”, both really crucial, big online events. I feel being part of the team during the busiest times of the year really enabled me to learn much quicker than I expected. I have a Science and Math background so I knew that I’d enjoy the numerical/analytical aspect of the job!

What do you value about working here?

BENEFITS, there’s a lot of little things that really help – such as massages, it all makes such a difference. The location of the office is great, I like being in the heart of Manchester in the city centre. St. Peter’s Square is one of the main areas in Manchester and the WeWork office space is really good, so it’s a great office atmosphere. The people I get to learn from everyday is something I really value. There’s such an amazing and experienced group here and that I’m lucky to be able to learn from some of the best.

What are some of the key skills you’ve learned so far?

A lot of SQL, I’ll be honest I had no idea about this before I started but became really interested in this aspect of the role. Apart from this,I have learned a lot of in account management which covers a lot of the basics, there’s so much you do not even think about before you start in digital. There’s so much learning opportunity and it can be slightly overwhelming at times, and you feel you want to be good at it straight away, but it helps to be patient to really hone your skills. 

What are some things you’ve enjoyed about the Academy Training?

I have really enjoyed SQL Academy, it feeds nicely into day to day things I do in the job. I have found it to be quite structured and helped with the basics. Overall it gives you queries to do and enabled interaction with the Google Ads interface. The training sessions that are run by ForwardPMX have also been really helpful as they’re really structured and well run. It is great to learn from people’s strengths, i.e. Campaign Builds with Fiona, all within the first month. From there was a lot of learning day to day.

What advice would you give to other trainees?

You’d be surprised at how much there is so learn! When I was in the recruitment process I was looking at the Google Ads skillshop which provided me with a basic idea of what the job/role would be about. This is a free, helpful online course without going into too much detail which is open to everyone. Thus gave me an idea of the job in much more detail. Advice I would give would be the more learning you can do before the better, and seeing if you are interested before is super helpful!

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