My First Month at ForwardPMX

April 16, 2018

It’s been a little over a month since I started work as the new Marketing Assistant at ForwardPMX. In this short space of time I have experienced and learnt so much while working in my tightknit team who support the ForwardPMX brand. 

My first week mostly comprised of reading our detailed marketing plan and attending introductory sessions based on each of the different departments. They shared some insight into some of the important work ForwardPMX produces for its ever-growing list of clients (Chanel, Hilton and Virgin to name just a few). These sessions were extremely helpful in gaining an insight into the company history, structure and culture. 

My role as a marketing assistant has allowed me to work on a variety of tasks already, some of which included helping with the formulation of case studies for the sales team and the organisation of company events, such as the successful Baidu Training event that was held at our ForwardPMX offices. Working on case studies has allowed me to gain an understanding on the great work each channel produces, from localized PPC campaigns driving increased conversions for Tarte Cosmetics to using the immersive power of Instagram Stories to bring the landscape of NYC, San Francisco and Las Vegas to life for Virgin Holidays. While on the job training is invaluable, the ForwardPMX also heavily invests in talent with specialized training on different channels. 

Coming into my first full time role out of university, culture is an aspect of the job which I didn’t list as a high priority at first. But, in my first month I’ve witnessed how company culture can shape your mood and attitude at work. ForwardPMX operates with an inclusive atmosphere where collaboration is championed and encouraged. The breakout spaces also help with winding down and give staff access to a Nintendo, ping pong and fooseball table (sometimes making people super competitive – not naming names), not to mention the whole host of other benefits such as free meals, massages and yoga – this is in additional to the stocked bar for Friday (and Thursday) drinks!

All in all, it’s been a great start to my journey here at ForwardPMX and hope that it long continues. 

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