“Our connection is our strength as a team”: Our RiseFP winners open up about what our values mean to them

January 19, 2021

At FP, our core values reflect the essence of our identity and what’s truly important for our team to live and thrive by.

Last year, our People and Marketing teams conducted a series of global interviews, focus groups and surveys to define our Values with the input of as many voices as possible. We landed the five mantras: Keep It Real, Never Satisfied, Mutually Invested, Be Courageous, and Leave the World Better Than We Found It. One of the most important ways our values are expressed is through our RiseFP Awards Program, which recognizes outstanding FP team members who live and breathe our values. We’re taking a moment to spotlight their knowledge, advice and thoughts on the blog in a special series over the coming months. Read the first one below!

Grace Xie: Winner for Keep It Real – APAC

“Firstly, thanks for giving me this opportunity to express my appreciation to all my colleagues and team members – they give me support and respect through all aspects of my work, and I truly enjoy collaborating with them. I joined ForwardPMX Shanghai in March of 2020 during the pandemic when everyone was working from home, and although we all struggled with the difficulties of social isolation, I found that the team’s positive attitude and energy helped me to adapt to the new environment quickly.”

How have these values helped you in your career so far?

“For me, ‘Keep it real’ goes hand in hand with being passionate about what I am doing, being positive even through challenges, appreciating the fruits of my hard work and keeping my sense of curiosity. All of these elements help me to broaden my perspective and have a ‘let’s make things work’ attitude even through challenges. ‘Keep it real’ is a kind reminder to myself that I am lucky that I chose the industry that I am in and to always keep pushing forward.”

What’s a piece of advice you’d want to share with your peers, whether it’s something inspirational or something you’ve learned over the last year in the workplace?

“While it can be challenging to work in an industry where things change so quickly, keeping your focus on your passion for your work is a sure way to stay on the path to success.”

“To close – I can’t say thank you enough to my colleagues for the warm-hearted, friendly and gentle environment they have created. Keep it up! Our connection is our strength as a team!”

Chethan Kumar: Winner for Leave the World Better Than We Found It – Bangalore

“Our values program gives off the feeling of being part of a positive culture where contributions are appreciated. This recognition strongly affects work attitudes and gives an increased level of job satisfaction. I am so grateful to have won the award for ‘Leave the World Better Than We Found It.’ In my work, I feel an inner motivation that fuels my drive to complete whatever task is at hand, as well as a satisfaction in knowing  that my team’s contributions have a positive impact on the overall success of the company. I believe that when our work and our behavior match our values, we feel satisfied and content.”

Sky Chia: Winner for Never Satisfied – APAC

What does ‘Never Satisfied’ mean to you, and how do you integrate this idea into your daily life – either professional or personal?

“’Never Satisfied’…my friends laughed in agreement when they heard I won this award. We live in an everchanging and dynamic world and it takes a lot to keep up with it. I’m often looking at how we can improve ourselves and what we are doing. I don’t think any one of us is perfect – I’m certainly far from it and I’m constantly trying to build upon myself – whether that’s thinking of more efficient ways of working, better strategies and processes, or simply how we can be kinder to one another.”

How have these values helped you in your career so far?

“Never being satisfied has driven me to push for more and demand more of myself and my team. I’ve been lucky to work with incredible people who have been like-minded in always challenging each other in looking for better solutions, and this has rubbed off on me. I think this attitude and outlook on life has allowed me to excel quite quickly.”

What’s a piece of advice you’d want to share with your peers, whether it’s something inspirational or something you’ve learned over the last year in the workplace?

“Never stop being curious, demand more of yourself and for yourself, and do it all while being kind to everyone around you, including yourself.” 

Alex Smith: Winner for Never Satisfied – EMEA

“When asked to describe what being ‘Never Satisfied’ means to me, I would start by saying that, primarily, I view it as a doubled-edged sword and an attribute that needs to be tempered. On the one hand, it has many benefits and has certainly helped me progress in my career so far – this ranges from not being satiated until a query/dashboard lines up perfectly with a source of truth (down to the last impression!), to the inner need to make every single slide I create look better and explain a complex topic more concisely than the last. On the other hand, it can mean a struggle to accept defeat or over-thinking every minutiae of a problem. Luckily at FP, I’ve had the quality of managers and mentors to help me rein in what being ‘Never Satisfied’ means to me and to use the attribute efficiently and positively.”

Lyle Lau: Leave the World Better Than We Found It – APAC

What do the values you won for mean to you? And how do you integrate them into your daily life – either professional or personal?

“Winning the award for the value ‘Leave the World Better Than We Found It’ is especially important to me given what all of us are experiencing this year. I would say I am just doing what I think feels right and that I always treat everyone with kindness. I appreciate whoever nominated me and I am happy that I can contribute and help everyone I can.”   

How have these values helped you in your career so far?

“It is essential to sometimes just take a look around and see what you can do to help the people around you. Especially in the work place, it is important to help each other out. I can feel the support from my teammates and I always give the same back to them.”

What’s a piece of advice you’d want to share with your peers, whether it’s something inspirational or something you’ve learned over the last year in the workplace?

“Over the last year, I learned how important it is to share your thoughts with the people around you. So don’t be afraid to speak up about things that are important to you.”

Interviews for the second RiseFP blog are currently in progress, so check back soon for some more inspiration from our team!


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