Podcast: “Weathering the Same Storm” – Vulnerability, Small Acts of Kindness & Getting Real About Wellness

May 21, 2020

In our first ever episode, we’re joined by ForwardPMX’s Head of Social Impact, Bobbi Byrne, and Sales Director, Ankur Chadha, for a discussion about the multidimensional concept of wellness. As we’ve been catapulted into the unknown of COVID-19, we discuss what’s changed in our active personal pursuits of wellness, and what the collective pursuit of employee wellness looks like in businesses today – ultimately highlighting the “silver linings” or positive changes in perspective as we live through these challenging times, including an openness to vulnerability and a new level of empathy for ourselves and our peers as we navigate what “being well” means today. 

For something extra, here are a  few of Bobbi’s favorite wellness-focused podcasts to check out: 

Super Soul – Oprah
I’m Absolutely Fine
All in the mind
How to Fail

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