The Future Of In-Housing and How To Take Control of Your Data

July 16, 2020

In recent years, the digital marketing industry has been navigating a multitude of challenges around privacy, complexity and transparency  

This week, our APAC MD and APAC Strategy Director, in partnership with Google experts shared their perspective on how to survive paradigm shifts around these three pillars, and also thrive by deploying a simple yet powerful People/Process/Tech approach. Some key points covered in this webinar are as follows: – 

People: Fostering and driving a data first mindset can drive results. People are the drivers of any change in the organisation, and changing culture is as important as the adoption of technology. Democratization & data strategy are broached in this regard. 

Process: 1st party data is often undervalued despite its authenticity, enablement of control and transparency. New ways of not only leveraging 1st party data, but also its integration into your data framework are discussed in order to constantly assess your potential and current consumer base. 

Tech: Investing in the right tools without being overwhelmed by the 7,000+ data measurement and hosting brands out there is a challenge in itself. Google being a key driver in this space shares what its GMP-Ads Data Hub stack can do and how it can help your business enable the above two in this 3prong approach. 

Circling back to the overall goal; you as a brand should be able to control, understand and leverage your most valuable resources in an increasingly complex, and data-conscious world. We hope to share much more detail on how to accomplish this and invite you to listen in on our webinar:   

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