The Role of Video Content in Performance Marketing

June 26, 2019

Last month, ForwardPMX in conjunction with the Department of International Trade at the British Embassy, ​​held a business breakfast for the topic of “The Role of Video Content in Performance Marketing” at the Residence of the British Ambassador in Moscow.

ForwardPMX, together with key digital marketing players such as Yandex, VK, and Google, discussed today’s role of video content in performance marketing.

In this post I want to share main tips and tricks, which our partners mentioned as a key to success in video advertising.

“Video advertising provides solutions for both image and performance goals,” said Ekaterina Odintsova, Head of Yandex Media Projects.

She shared some insights regarding video content on Yandex and provided recommendations to succeed in video ads:

  • Make video short: most viewers watch only 10 seconds
  • The brand logo should be visible at the beginning and throughout the video
  • Make ads bright and eye-catching
  • Use subtitles to enhance audio message
  • Be specific at inal shot with a clear reference to the brand
  • Use call to action buttons

Yulia Lazareva, Performance Agency Lead at VK, shared expertise regarding video ads:

  • Short video gains more views
  • Brand name should be integrated right in the beginning
  • Let your video message be clear even without sound as users may watch while commute or in the office
  • Provide an eye-catching image
  • Use GIF format to attract attention
  • Test new formats and placements all the time
  • Make sure that an advertised product is relevant to the audience

Yulia also shared information about new biddable product releases such as VK Stories, customized CTA buttons and GIF videos.

Yuri Dolzhenko,  at Google spoke about the possibilities of video content for solving any client’s marketing tasks: from coverage and engagement to conversion and shared the opportunities of evaluating effectiveness at each stage of content creation.

When creating a video for promotion on YouTube, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Have a clear call to action. Explain to your audience what further steps need to be taken after watching the video. Use voice, graphics or text
  • People are likely to skip the ad. Do your best to involve the audience from the very beginning – you have only 5 seconds. Close-ups, large text, bright colors show better results
  • Be concise. If you have a 20-sec video, try to make it 15-sec
  • Mind the screen. Users prefer to watch video on mobile, which has a relatively small screen

When summing up the event, Anton Ivanov, Russian Performance Manager at ForwardPMX said:

“Recently industry experts and market players were arguing about the role of video in performance marketing. However as of today there is no doubt that video ads help improve both qualitative and quantitative indicators. Video ads allow you to improve sales and increase awareness. The core insight to launch video ads is to offer to a client the right mix of digital products and ad formats to achieve targets and KPIs.”

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