What is ‘Position 0’ and how do I get there?

June 18, 2018

What is it?


Over the years SEO’s have strived to hit the gold dust of page 1 real estate, position 1. However if you are battling in a particularly competitive market, Google have increasingly been rolling out featured snippets, which sit above organic listings. For those unfamiliar, featured snippets (sometimes known as ‘answerbox’) are Google’s way of providing users with what they believe to be the best possible answer to a question or search query. They appear in 9.1968% of search queries, and this is growing. They appear at the top of the search results page, above the normal search results (hence the reason we call these “position 0” ranking

There are a multitude of rich snippet variations, such as paragraphs, numbered lists, bulleted lists, tables, YouTube videos, images and charts. A huge benefit of being featured within rich snippets is an increased amount of website traffic, due to the increased SERP visibility. It also provides a healthy boost to your brands credibility.

So how does position 0 differ to position 1, and how do we give ourselves the best possible chance of achieving it?

Understand the landscape

Does putting all of your effort into achieving ‘position 0’ make sense for your market? If you are a local business, a more efficient use of time is likely to be working towards building a strong presence within the maps listings. If your industry does however lend itself to question and answer based content, then Position 0 is for you. A review of your competitors’ featured snippets will be instructive to give you a starting point for a list of keywords you might want to focus on.


Expanding the opportunity

As position 0 is a competitive position, its important to not limit yourself to optimising for a small group of keywords. Using sites such as Answerthepublic.com to research commonly asked questions can help build out a larger list of targeted content. You can also get lists of queries formulated as questions from Moz Keyword Explorer. It is also important to note that longer queries that are comprised of six or more words tend to show more often in featured snippets.


Take a multi-pronged approach

The chances of being featured in position 0 are greatly improved by optimising your content in a multitude of ways. Our top 3 recommendations are:


  • Ensure your site has a clean code and tagging that Google can easily understand

  • Create content that clearly answers a question

  • Include positive user engagement signals on site


Of course, great content will always be rewarded not only by Google, but also in higher level of engagement and sales from your website. So if you are already smashing your content, keep it up (with these simple steps in mind) and if not, why not read our content marketing guide.

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