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Global Marketing Trends in 2020


Brave, Consumer-Centric Thinking Is Directing the Path to Growth.

In 2020, businesses, technology and culture will become more connected than ever, and people are at the center. 

From large established brands to smaller, emerging players, marketers will be uniquely challenged to create new pathways for growth in their businesses. In the upcoming year, brands will continue to wake up to the need for more sophisticated utilization of data, and will look to increase their talent base, internally and through partners, to help activate customer and marketing insights beyond media performance, to impact more areas of the business.

To encourage new thinking about the ways to embrace the challenges and opportunities in 2020, we’ve tapped the insight of key media, data, strategy and technology leads across our global organization, who’ve each contributed perspective in their respective areas of expertise. We’ve chosen to focus not only on the top-level trends, but on real changes that will drive priorities and initiatives for the coming year across global markets.

Our Trends include:
• The Age of Executional Excellence, As We Know It, Is Coming to An End
• The Future of Search is Even More Automated
• Experience Media is On the Rise
• Reducing Reliance on Classic Performance Media Spend – A Pivot to a More Coherent & Nuanced “Brand Performance” Offering

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