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Resetting for the Future: 2021 Global Business & Marketing Trends


Just over one year past the onset of the global pandemic, in many ways, the world is a far different place. Consumers’ needs are changing, and while some behaviors adopted through the health crisis will undoubtedly remain, the most important learning is for businesses to stay as agile as possible to wherever the customer goes next – whether that be in a digital or physical environment, or a blended experience. As part of our 2021 trends, we identified themes that will live beyond this year, and included consumer data as part of a recent set of surveys conducted with The Harris Poll. From sentiments around data privacy, to brands’ responsibility to drive social change, to digitally driven behaviors, we were able to get a pulse of what attitudes and preferences exist today.

An excerpt of the opening letter from ForwardPMX Global CEO, James Townsend:
“2021 will continue to see an acceleration towards all things data, technology and digital. This breeds opportunity for the brands who are listening carefully to their customers’ new needs and behaviors. As we move into a world where the consumer owns their experiences and relationships with brands more than ever before, brands will need to step up to the plate to offer new and added value to customers’ lives.”

The Trends:
• Digitally Accelerated Business
• The New Wave of Connected Commerce
• Consumers at the Heart of the Great Data Strategy Pivot
• Global Expansion & Localization: Planning Hand-in-Hand
• Brand, Product & Purpose Now Intimately Intertwined

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