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Luxe 19
Trend Report: Luxury Brands Online

If transformation was a defining theme in last year’s report, 2019’s focus is on the rate of change, as emerging challengers, up and coming generations of taste makers, and disruptive business models are altering the luxury market. Success is no longer exclusively reliant on heritage in this burgeoning world of luxe, with digital significantly leveling the field and paving the way for consumers to discover and interpret the brands that best suit their tastes and lifestyles. And yet, as the edges blur and change happens faster than ever, luxury brands must also be careful not to dilute the core elements that define them. In transformation, luxury brands must continue to be the change-makers, and to find the right changes to fuel their growth.

In its tenth addition, ForwardPMX’s annual trend report analyzes the way today’s top luxury brands engage and communicate with consumers online. Our study leverages a range of metrics, including site visits, brand and product searches, and social media engagement, in order to understand how marketing techniques used by luxury brands resonate with consumers.

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