Forward3D And PMX Agency Merge To Form Global Brand Performance Agency ForwardPMX

January 15, 2019

Forward3D and PMX Agency are uniting to form ForwardPMX, a global brand performance marketing agency, employing 700 people across 20 offices.

The new brand, part of the Stagwell Group, combines advanced capabilities across North America, EMEA and APAC, and brings a unified global vision for technology and performance that enables brands to operate across any market, platform or language, worldwide.

Martin McNulty, founder and CEO of Forward3D, who will serve as Global Chief Executive Officer of the combined group: “We created ForwardPMX with deliberate size, scope and capabilities in mind, that make us inherently nimbler, more adaptable and more responsive to change. This isn’t a matter of consolidation, this is two leading agencies coming together out of an opportunity to be, not only the better, but the best option for brands. Marketing today needs to deal with accelerating rates of complexity, fragmentation and data, and yet consumers still want the same thing: an experience that fits with their lives. Making sense of this is the challenge. It’s about how you help brands capitalize on constant change.”

London-based Forward3D has established a global reputation of success in performance marketing through proprietary technology, linguistics and data science services for well-respected fashion, travel and retail clients across EMEA and APAC.

PMX Agency, headquartered in New York City, brings its decades of experience developing consumer-first performance marketing programs for brands. The agency has been recognized for achieving consistent, scalable business growth for some of the nation’s leading direct-to-consumer brands, retailers, as well as nonprofit organizations.

“Clients today need faster problem solving and constant experimentation to drive bold changes that evolve with consumers,” said PMX co-founder and chief executive, Chris Paradysz, who will take the role of global chief growth officer, focused on bringing the agency’s latest capabilities to existing and new clients. “ForwardPMX combines two agencies that together can deliver performance solutions that will enable brands to differentiate themselves in their respective markets.”

As a combined group, ForwardPMX will further elevate their data and technology offering through globally consistent services, with leading talent to deliver across the 20-office footprint.

Mark Penn, managing partner and president of The Stagwell Group, said: “This new venture greatly expands the types of clients that together these two companies serve as they scale up to be even faster, nimbler and more technologically sophisticated. ForwardPMX has been built to meet the future needs of brands and deliver the value that clients demand.”

ForwardPMX will be fully integrated in March of 2019.

See the original article here in The Drum.

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