2018 IAB UK & PwC Digital Adspend Study: The Market Grows

April 29, 2019

The UK digital advertising market is worth £13.44bn, an increase year-on-year of 15%, reveals the 2018 IAB UK & PwC Digital Adspend Study.

Report highlights
  • The majority of all growth is coming from smartphone advertising, which has increased by £1.65bn (35%) from 2017.
  • Smartphone advertising now represents 51% of all UK digital ad spend, up from 45% in 2017.
  • Video is now the largest display format (£2307m), overtaking standard display banners (£1486m).
  • Outstream/social in-feed has increased its majority in total video spend, now occupying a share of 57%, up from 52% in 2017.
  • Social revenue now represents 23% of all digital ad spend.
  • Growth is predicted to slow during 2019, with 5% estimated growth (+9% digital, +11% display, +9% search) compared to 15% in 2018.
Advertisers embracing mobile

“As consumers spend more of their time online, it’s no surprise that digital ad spend has continued its rise, up 15% to £13.4bn. With digital, in every sense, becoming further embedded in our daily lives, it is inevitable that this number is set to rise further next year.

“Given the vast majority of people using their smartphone as their primary digital device, evident from site traffic stats we see across the board, the IAB report shows that advertisers have started to fully embrace this shift by following with ad spend. Over the last few years, a combination of faster wireless connectivity along with more capable devices has made it the go-to device for consumers to get online. This is set to continue over the next few years with 5G and even faster, more capable smartphones arriving (i.e. foldables) that will further cement ‘mobile’ as the main digital device to reach consumers.”

-Wajid Ali, Head of Paid Search, ForwardPMX

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