Chanel Beauty Is Expanding Distribution In An Effort To Talk Directly To Customers

March 22, 2018

Chanel is realizing that today’s beauty fiends have no patience for the inaccessible world of luxury. Instead, they value having direct connections to their favorite brands, and not simply via e-commerce; social channels and more-intimate customer service models are crucial, too.

As such, Chanel has rolled out two new Instagram accounts catering specifically to beauty consumers and is expanding its distribution with public-facing pop-ups and a move into Ulta.

In January, it debuted a separate Instagram account for its beauty collection, with @Chanel.Beauty as the chosen handle. Said to be helmed by the brand’s global creative makeup artist and color designer, Lucia Pica, the account shares her inspirations and makeup tips, plus new product news and video clips of Chanel ambassadors like Kristen Stewart and Lily-Rose Depp. During fashion week, behind-the-scenes makeup tutorials were also common.

“There are whole generations of people going to social first — in many instances, Instagram — to engage with beauty brands,” said Toni Box, group director of social and content at marketing company ForwardPMX.

This increasingly includes the luxury consumer: A recent study by ForwardPMX found that luxury-specific Instagram users grew by 54 percent between 2016 and 2017.

“Instagram is a place where luxury can actually preserve the traditional allure and status of the brand, while staying deeply connected with the consumer,” said Box.

Read the whole story here in Glossy. 


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