Digiday Research: Marketers & Publishers Boost Podcast Investment

March 11, 2019

As podcast listening in the U.S. continues to grow, marketers and publishers are racing to capitalize on the opportunity.

 Ninety percent of marketers currently buying podcast advertising plan to grow their investment in the medium this year, according to a Digiday poll of media buyers conducted last week.

Meanwhile, forty-eight percent of 200 publishers surveyed by Digiday in February said they planned to produce more podcasts in 2019 than they did in 2018.

Marketer spending on podcasts remains a fraction of the billions of dollars spent annually on digital advertising, but marketers say they’re increasingly attracted to the medium for two key reasons: their performance, and their ability to reach highly-valuably audiences that are getting harder to reach through channels such as TV.

“Marketers are seeing strong results and better breakthrough,” said Marcus Pratt, vice president of insight and technology at Mediasmith Inc, whose clients are spending more on podcast ads now than ever before.

Part of the appeal for podcast advertisers is the share of voice they can offer marketers compared with formats such as online display advertising, which often results in ads appearing on cluttered webpages alongside those for multiple other brands.

“Podcasts offer an incredibly intimate and engaging environment for brands,” said Sam Appelbaum, general manager, at YellowHammer Media Group. If marketers wanted to achieve a similar level of isolation on a publisher site, “they would have to be willing to spend north of $100,000 with a publisher,” said Gylije Veljic, media director at ForwardPMX.

There’s an influencer element, too. When a podcast host reads an ad it can come across as them “endorsing your product,” Veljic said.

See the original story here in Digiday.

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