‘Everyone is too siloed’: Insights from the Digiday Future of TV Summit

April 30, 2019

TV and digital have been on a collision course for years, but they are finally meeting head-on.

TV advertisers are buying networks’ streaming video (OTT) inventory. Digital advertisers are investing in addressable TV. And both are converging within connected TV. However, the increasing parity between TV and digital is not without its headaches, as advertisers on either side try to understand the ongoing merger of the two channels. Brand and agency execs gathered at Digiday’s Future of TV Summit in Palm Springs, California, to discuss the opportunities and challenges as the future of TV advertising draws closer.

What we learned:

1. The Future of TV demands a dictionary.

2. Focusing too much on price can obscure advanced TV advertising’s value

3. The connected TV ad toolset needs better tools

4. Advanced TV’s household targeting balances scale and specificity

Speaker highlights:

ForwardPMX’s Jesse Math explained how performance marketers are investing in connected TV. His key points:

  • Performance marketers are applying the audience-based buying strategies they have honed on Facebook to connected TV, which they see as a potential alternative to Facebook.
  • For their connected TV campaigns, performance marketers aren’t focusing on TV metrics like reach and frequency but business outcomes like site traffic and store visits.
  • Mapping various devices in a household, including connected TVs, enables advertisers to attribute their connected TV ads to business results.
  • Private marketplaces offer a way for advertisers to know and control the inventory that they are buying and measure performance by inventory provider.

Check out the full Future of TV Briefing here in Digiday

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