FitFlop – Winning online sales with Facebook’s video and dynamic ads

June 18, 2020

The comfort-driven footwear brand lifted online sales by 73% and drove over $100,000 in incremental revenue, thanks to a campaign that used eye-catching video and Facebook dynamic ads.

The Story: “Grounded in Comfort”

Founded in 2007 by award-winning serial entrepreneur Marcia Kilgore, FitFlop’s biomechanically engineered shoes are designed to deliver blissful comfort and easy style. After starting out with sandals, the company rapidly expanded its range to include sneakers, loafers and a men’s line.

Their Goal : Selling the New Season 

FitFlop wanted to drive online sales during the launch of its seasonal product line by focusing on the new products. The brand was also interested to understand the impact of video on ad conversion rates.

Their Solution:  Tailoring Ads Down the Sales Funnel

FitFlop, together with digital agency ForwardPMX, started out by pinpointing the key moments along the purchase journey when it was most important to communicate with potential customers. With this understanding in place, they could then design an ad campaign that used best practices to first drive awareness and then generate sales through highly relevant messages and content.

To drive awareness, FitFlop and ForwardPMX used reach and frequency buying to show ads featuring eye-catching videos about the new season styles to a broad lookalike audience based on past customers. FitFlop aimed to pique interest with this video content and generate website views to use for retargeted ads later on. Next, FitFlop showed ads with product images to a further lookalike audience to find potential customers who were likely to be interested in FitFlop products, as well as people with an interest in competitor products.

FitFlop then drove purchase consideration by showing dynamic ads featuring footwear styles from the product catalogue to broad audiences who had already browsed similar products. To make a final push for sales, FitFlop retargeted dynamic ads featuring highly relevant products that people had previously browsed or added to their cart.

Brand lift and conversion lift studies allowed FitFlop to quantify the impact of showing video in its ads to boost brand awareness: a test group saw ads with the main video content, while the control group did not see video at this same stage of the customer journey. 

Their Success: A Perfect Fit for Conversions 

FitFlop’s September 2019 campaign celebrated the new season with strong revenues and a major lift in online conversions, largely thanks to engaging video content. Overall, the campaign achieved:

  • $100,000 in incremental revenue during campaign
  • 73% lift in online sales with video ads
  • 37% more incremental sales with video ads (compared to non-video ads)
  • 28-point lift in ad recall with video ad


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