Nike Hong Kong: Reaching relevant customers with Instagram and Facebook ads

October 21, 2020

Success Story: The athletic apparel brand grew awareness of its women’s product range in Hong Kong by collaborating with Facebook to deliver creative Instagram and Facebook ads, achieving a 42% higher return on ad spend than a previous campaign.

This case study originally appeared on Facebook’s Success Stories.  


Empowering women athletes

Nike is one of the largest sports brands globally. The brand’s Women Series seeks to help women who are committed to fitness, performance and style. Nike’s mission is to expand human potential by creating ground-breaking sports innovations and sustainable products that can make a positive community impact.


Growing brand awareness and sales

Nike Hong Kong wanted to connect with women and inspire them to embark on their sports journey with the brand.


Getting Creative and using data

Nike Hong Kong was keen to reach women in the city and empower them with a creative, Instagram-led campaign that adopted a “full-funnel” sales strategy, to guide people from awareness to consideration to making a purchase.

The brand collaborated with Facebook Creative Shop to conceptualise an original idea, #KongGirl, based on insights into what lifestyle and fitness trends would appeal to the relevant audience. Together, they turned the derogatory local term “Kong Girl” into an inspirational message for women to be strong through sports, #StrongGirl. To kickstart the campaign, Nike launched it on its Instagram page on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2019, and featured a popular local athlete.

Subsequently, the team created and shared a series of inspiring link ads, video ads and ads in the collection format across the brand’s Instagram and Facebook platforms including Instagram Stories, Instagram TV, Facebook News Feed and Facebook Instant Articles. The ads featured Nike’s women’s products and its “Just Do It” tagline.

Nike Hong Kong also worked with media agency FORWARDPMX to deliver relevant ads to specific groups, based on signals from the Facebook pixel installed on its website. These signals showed a customer’s position in the consumer journey, and enabled the brand to deliver appropriate ads to relevant audiences at the right time, with a call to action to participate in a limited-edition product giveaway.

The brand served the ads to Custom Audiences of existing customers and website visitors, as well as to lookalike audiences based on them.


Inspiring change 

Nike Hong Kong successfully reached customers in a fresh and inspiring way that delivered significant results. From March 1–14, 2019, it attained:

  • 42% higher return on ad spend over previous campaign
  • 1.6 million people reached
  • 9.2-point lift in ad recall

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