Proprietary technology supplemented by strategic relationships with key partners.


Over the last 10 years we have been developing our proprietary technology platform, Stage, to support the automation of predictable, repetitive tasks and centralize data to inform decision making and improve client performance.

Data Analysis

At the heart of Stage is our data analysis platform, Datasets. We import over 100GB of data a day and provide our teams central access to all the data we store for their clients. Our teams are able to query and manipulate this data to merge disparate data sources and extract rich insights easily and quickly from millions of rows of data.

Automation & Best Practice

Any pieces of analysis can be saved and scheduled, and become automated checks and reports on our Alerts platform. Teams therefore turn any regular performance or best practice checks into bespoke, automated alerts, saving them time for more proactive work, and giving our clients peace of mind that activity is efficient and well-managed.

Project Management

We provide our clients real-time, collaborative and transparent views on what our teams are doing through our project management system, CardWall. This centralizes communication and task management, as well as creating a visual prioritization system ensuring we are working on the most important task every hour of the day.


Using Datasets we can fully automate regular client reporting, greatly reducing our teams’ workload, and allow them to focus on the analysis and delivery of insights. We offer a range of visualization outputs and completely bespoke functionality to build reports that deliver actionable insights, rather than just sharing numbers.

Performance & Insights

We supplement our core systems with bespoke tools to solve specific client challenges, including: Forge, our proprietary feed management platform, allowing our teams to easily modify and optimize feeds. CompetitorWatch not only monitors the ad landscape, but also competitor and reseller sites for pricing, guidelines and share of voice.


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